Discussion #1:

Dear Professor and Fellow Scholars,
In watching this short USFS video, I draw the conviction that we as minorities in certain neighborhoods in the less urban environment need to have a more profound understanding of the landscape around us and how important is to connect with nature.  When I think back to our black culture during times of slavery, our people was forced to learn the land and how to garden and plant crops in order to survive and had a profound understanding of what true agriculture was at that time.  Racial discrimination in agriculture, exclusion from federal relief programs, and laws that preyed upon the economically disadvantaged have slashed the number of Black farmers in America from the nearly 1 million who farmed in 1920 to fewer than 50,000 today (Nittle, 2021).  There is simply not enough knowledge about land, trees and agriculture for the minority culture to embrace and take pride in helping out these issues because some of these neighborhoods are more worried about how their youth will survive in this cold world.  Overtime, the minority culture has lost the essence of taking care of the fields as end the days of slavery in the early 1800s in America.
The major emphasis of this video was to educate our people into learning about the importance of the land mass and surrounding areas that impact how we breathe air and best used the land that surrounds us as a community.  We have to get involved and learn how to take care of our lands and know what is around us because there may be cures for diseases that we have missed in society due to lack of knowledge in knowing what is planted around us or more research on some of the plants that are within reach that we may not even know the impacts of solving so many mysteries out here.  This video was very inspiring and pointed out some flaws that we as a minority in America should take pride in and build upon to be better and even more effective than we were on yesterday.  “And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid.”  Leviticus 26:6.  We need to get interested in our country more and take advantage of knowing what we can about our land and how trees can be important to our survival.

Discussion #2:

What Causes Sudden Death in Sports?
Theoretical Background
Even though sudden death in sport-related activities is rare, it is a tragic occurrence that presents notable social and economic outcomes. Researchers have explored the sudden death issue in sports, and most academics indicate that sudden death victims are mostly men. The gender aspect in sports-related sudden death is important because it helps understand individuals impacted by this issue. Solberg et al. (2010) explain that despite physical activities and sports having a positive impact on athletes, they are also present adverse impacts, including death. Therefore, understanding the sudden death of athletes in sports requires focusing on a wide range of factors, including its causes.
Finocchiaro et al. (2016) present that sudden death in sports has been a core issue in sports and must be evaluated to ensure preventive techniques are put in place. As an illustration, sudden death following sporting activities is brought about by underlying conditions and other sudden complications. According to Solberg (2010), sudden death among athletes is brought about by myocarditis, anomal coronary disease, atherosclerotic illness, and cardiomyopathies. These complications cause heart complications, which become worse with increased physical activity. Furthermore, most sudden death cases are linked with various sports, such as swimming, basketball, different running activities, rugby, and football.
Identifying notable risk aspects for death in sports is important because it helps prevent some, if not most of them. According to Casa et al. (2012), preventing sudden death in sports activities requires carrying out significant procedures, such as preparticipation screening. However, it is not easy to assess the risk factors and sudden death causes in sports, making it significant to establish effective and practical strategies to identify these factors. One significant way to identify these risk factors is to compare existing research on sudden death incidents worldwide. Dedicating effort towards this exercise can help understand what causes sudden death in sports. As the Bible presents, “in everything you do, do it with your heart…” (Colossians 3: 23).
Why I am Interested in Examining this Specific Topic
First, I am interested in examining factors contributing to sudden death in sports because there is limited research in this specific area. Many researchers usually focus on the general topic of sudden death sports and fail to explore factors that bring about these deaths in sports. For this reason, assessing and evaluating this topic presents significant information required in sports research. Secondly, I am interested in the sudden death causes because it is an interesting sport that presents one of the core challenges of participating in sporting activities. While many people understand the benefits of sporting activities, it is also important to comprehend the challenges associated with sports.
Casa, D. J., Guskiewicz, K. M., Anderson, S. A., Courson, R. W., Heck, J. F., Jimenez, C. C., … & Walsh, K. M. (2012). National Athletic Trainers’ Association position statement: preventing sudden death in sports. Journal of athletic training, 47(1), 96.
Finocchiaro, G., Papadakis, M., Robertus, J. L., Dhutia, H., Steriotis, A. K., Tome, M., … & Sheppard, M. N. (2016). Etiology of sudden death in sports: insights from a United Kingdom regional registry. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 67(18), 2108-2115.
Solberg, E. E., Gjertsen, F., Haugstad, E., & Kolsrud, L. (2010). Sudden death in sports among young adults in Norway. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 17(3), 337-341.

Discussion # 3:

Scholarly Publications for Reviewing Literature
What are some of the most interesting and informative publications?
Research and literature reviews require the utilization of a wide range of informative and interesting publications. The topic I selected for my research involves sudden death in sports, with the research question being; What causes sudden death in sports? Therefore, finding the most relevant information for this topic calls for conducting an in-depth evaluation of various publications that provide significant information on this topic. The most informative publications I discovered include journals, such as the International Journal of Cardiovascular Science, the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, and the International Journal of Cardiology. These journals are important and informative since they present reviewed and supported information regarding a sudden death in sports. In addition, I considered these journals because they provide an in-depth analysis of the research topic.
Are they published by a specific professional organization?
Various organizations publish most of the journals I located during my research. To begin with, the International Journal of Cardiology is published by Elsevier Ireland Limited. The organization is responsible for presenting the publication and the various journals in it, which is important in this research. The journal is designed to provide information to sports athletes, physicians in sports, and other relevant parties. Secondly, the International Journal of Cardiovascular Science is a publication of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (BSC) and was established in 2015.  The information provided by the journal largely focuses on sports and its related outcomes, including adverse consequences such as sudden death. Furthermore, the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology is another important journal published by SAGE Publications and provides articles relevant to answering the selected research question.
Do they seem to be research-focused or teacher-focused?
Most of the articles in the journals are research-focused. For example, articles in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology are research-oriented based on the study designs and methods used to present information. This research review uses research-based articles and journals to provide supporting information that is not ambiguous or non-reaching. For this reason, the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology is relevant in this study because it offers research-backed by evidence. On the other hand, the International Journal of Cardiovascular Sciences is both teacher- and research-focused. In other words, the articles from this journal provide backed and taught information, which is significant to the research topic. Additionally, the International Journal of Cardiology is also research-focused, making it an important and relevant source of articles for the research.

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