Im working on a business marketing plan writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Posted: July 18th, 2021

I need help with a business marketing plan and could use a sample draft to help me understand. I will need Segmentation and Personas, Customer Journey, Marketing Funnel, and Channels, and Marketing Objectives and KPIs for the Apple Iphone. Segmentation and Personas Task 1: Create a Segmentation Tree Directions: Build a segmentation tree that reflects the way you might divide your market to determine a target market. Who is the target market for your marketing plan? Directions: Use your segmentation tree as a guide to determine your target market. Task 2: Determine Segmentation Methods Directions: List the method(s) of segmentation you used (i.e., demographic, behavioral, psychographic, or geographic). Next, explain in at least 3 sentences how you knew you used this type of segmentation. Type(s) of segmentation: Evidence: Task 3: Determine Targeting Strategy Directions: Identify the targeting strategy that you recommend that your company use (i.e., undifferentiated, differentiated, or concentrated). Then, describe in two to three sentences why you recommend that targeting strategy. Targeting strategy: Why?: Task 4: Create Survey Questions Directions: Compile a list of 10 survey questions that would help you understand relevant information about your target market (which will inform your persona). In this survey, you want to gather general information about your customers, as well as specific information related to the product or service you are offering them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Task 5: Record Responses Directions: Give your survey to at least three people (such as family members, friends, or classmates) who are part of your target market. Then, type up or copy your three survey responses into the tables below. Task 6: Create a User Persona Directions: Use this persona template to create a user persona based on the survey data you gathered. You should choose information for your persona based on survey responses that you see most frequently. If you can’t discern that information, select one respondent who gave you the most marketing insight for your particular company. You can also conduct secondary research by using a reputable source to gain insights about your target market. Persona Name Background Demographics Goals Challenges Common Objections Interaction with Digital Media Hobbies and Interests Task 7: Write a Paragraph Directions: Write a short paragraph describing how this persona would guide your work as a digital marketer. Give at least two specific examples. For example, how would you message your product to the target market? Customer Journey, Marketing Funnel and Channels Task 1: Interview Your Target Market Directions: Find someone in your target market to interview. You can interview one of the people you interviewed in Part E. This person can be a classmate, friend, family member, or even yourself if you are within that market. This person should have recently purchased a product or service from your chosen company. (If you cannot find someone who purchased from your company, you may interview someone who used a similar product to what your chosen company offers.) Ask them the following questions to better understand how they moved through the customer journey for their recent purchase. As a marketer, you will likely interview more than one person for a customer journey. For the purpose of this activity, however, one interview is sufficient. Record the interviewee’s answers in the provided table. Introduction to Interviewees: “I am currently taking a course on digital marketing. I am collecting research about the way that people interact with [particular product or service name]. Please answer the following prompt with as much detail as possible.” Introduction Question What product or service did you purchase from [company name]? Response: Prompt Please tell me about your experience leading up to, during, and after making your purchase. Provide as much detail as you can remember regarding how you interacted with the brand (for example, getting an email, hearing about it from a friend, or seeing an ad), how you felt and what you thought about during each of those interactions, and what actions you took. Notes (capture all thoughts, feelings, touchpoints and actions): Task 2: Create a Customer Journey Directions: In the chart below, you will outline a customer journey for the person you interviewed in Task 1. Under the relevant stage in the customer journey, describe the touchpoint, action, and thought or feeling that your interviewee had with the company. Note that since no customer journey is the same, you might not have information for every single stage or text box. In those cases, write “N/A”. __________’s Customer Journey Awareness Interest/ Consideration Conversion Retention Advocacy What was the customer’s touchpoint with the company? What was the customer’s action? What was the customer thinking or feeling? Task 3: Identify Channels Directions: Based on your persona, customer journey, and any online research that you conduct, complete the following graphic organizer to identify the three specific digital marketing channels you would use as a marketer at your chosen company to reach your target market. Then, identify whether those channels are owned, paid, or earned, and provide evidence for your choice. Digital Marketing Channel (i.e. Facebook) Type of Channel (Paid, owned, or earned?) Evidence (Based on your research, why is this channel a good choice?) Marketing Objectives and KPIs Task 1: Goal Directions: Determine a marketing goal that your chosen company might have. This goal may be the same as the one you selected in Section 2 of this course, or it might have changed as you got to know your company better. Explain in two to three complete sentences why you selected this goal. Task 2: Objective Directions: Determine a possible objective for your chosen company. Remember to include the goal, target, KPI, and time period as a part of the objective. Example objective: To build brand awareness, we will increase the number of new website visitors by 15% by the end of Q2. Task 3: KPI Alignment Directions: Explain how your KPI aligns with your goal. Example: The KPI aligns with the goal because increasing the number of new website visitors means that more customers are going to the website and gaining awareness of the brand. Task 4: SMART Framework Directions: Complete the SMART framework for your objective with one sentence per box. Specific Explain how your objective is specific. Measurable Explain how your objective is measurable. Achievable Explain how your objective is achievable. Relevant Explain how your objective is relevant. Time-based Explain how your objective is time-based. Task 5: Rationale Directions: In five to six sentences, explain why you chose the objective and KPI that you did. Consider why the objective makes sense for your particular company. Requirements: As long as format provided. About 9 Pages.

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